A crown is used in a couple of situations.

  • A crown can restore a damaged tooth to prevent its removal.
  • A crown can be used for cosmetic purposes to create a beautiful smile.

At Impressions Dentistry, we can create a crown that is unique to you and will match the natural look of your existing teeth. The materials used in the creation of our crowns are strong, durable and have the look of natural tooth enamel. Our dentist and our team can use these to help you regain a beautiful smile and restore your confidence.


As you age, your teeth tend to weaken. Weakened dental tissue is more prone to decay, staining or cracking. When you look in the mirror, does it seem that a certain tooth has lost some of its natural beauty and shine? A crown can be a perfect way to restore that smile to its original beauty.

Dr. Suneet S. Bath may also reach the conclusion that a crown would protect a damaged tooth from further difficulties. Very often, crowns are used for jobs that are beyond simply filling a cavity.


For many years, it required more than one visit to the dental office to get a crown placed. A patient would need to wear a temporary crown while waiting for the permanent one to be crafted at an off-site facility. The development of CEREC crowns means that you can have a crown placed in one visit! These crowns are still custom-created just for you. They are still completely natural looking. They are everything that you always expected from a crown.


CEREC crowns are used in the same situations that any crown would be used. These include restoration of cracked, broken or decayed teeth. They are also used to improve the cosmetic beauty of your smile. The main difference is that you no longer have to wear a temporary crown while your permanent one is being prepared. Your CEREC dental crown in Olympia, Washington, is custom-made for you right on the premises while you wait.


  • A single-visit treatment
  • No need for temporary crowns
  • Instead of making the crown with messy impressions trays, advanced digital imaging is employed
  • Strong, natural-looking teeth
  • Color of crown is matched to color of existing teeth
  • Made from material that looks like natural tooth enamel and contains no metal
  • Developed and proven over two decades of clinical research

If you have a question about CEREC technology or dental crowns, call 360-493-1866.