When we put sealants on your teeth, it is like we are coating your teeth with armor. Sealants are composed of plastic that creates a protective barrier for your teeth, protecting your teeth from cavity-producing bacteria. Sealants are especially helpful for hard-to-reach surfaces of your teeth and provide extra protection for those places that are difficult to brush and floss. Sealants are more commonly used for children who are still learning to brush effectively, but they can be used for adults as well.


If you and Dr. Suneet S. Bath decide to make use of sealants, our dentist will need to create a rough surface on the teeth. Our dentist will then paint the sealant onto the teeth to create a protective coating. While the tooth is protected from decay while the sealant is intact, you will still need to brush and floss as consistently as ever. Sealants provide an extra measure of protection, but they are not meant to replace other preventative measures. Impressions Dentistry will help you determine if our dental sealants in Olympia, Washington, are a good option for you. Always remember that sealants are to be used in addition to your normal good oral hygiene. Call 360-493-1866 for more information.