Root Canals

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

An untreated cavity can cause major pain and lead to the possibility of other health issues in the rest of the body. The untreated cavity starts to cause decay in the pulp tissue of your tooth and can even extend to the root and bone structure if not treated. This untreated and progressive cavity will need to be treated by root canal therapy, or as dentists call it, endodontic therapy.

Why is a Root Canal Necessary?

In order to save a tooth from extraction a root canal is performed. It is best to save the natural tooth if possible in order to keep bone structure in the mouth healthy. When you lose a tooth, the space left by your tooth can cause other teeth to shift into that empty place causing misalignment issues. The bone structure of your jaw can also degenerate and cause a “sunken in” look to that side of your cheek or face. Furthermore, once a tooth’s pulp tissue is infected, it cannot heal itself and so a dentist must perform root canal therapy on the tooth, root and even tooth canal in order to save the tooth.

What are the Basics of a Root Canal?

Dr. Johnston can perform a root canal right in our office at Impressions Dentistry. If you and Dr. Johnston decide that root canal therapy is necessary, the infected tissue will first be removed. Then the tooth canal will be filled so future infection is avoided. Dr. Johnston will build up the core of the tooth and then place a crown on top to give strength and protection to the affected tooth.

If you are suffering from tooth pain or believe you may need a root canal, please give our office a call right away.