Laser Treatments

As technology is advancing we at Impressions Dentistry in Olympia, WA are striving to provide the most up-to-date care for our patients. With that in mind, we have added a new device to our office that has allowed us to offer new treatments that we have never been able to before.

  • Cold Sore, Fever Blister or Canker Sore Reduction – By use of the DV micoLaser we can treat cold sores, fever blister and canker sores in just 5 – 10 minutes. Immediate relief will be felt and healing is expected within 24 hours. Burns from hot foods and liquids and bite trauma on the tongue and cheek can also be treated. New cold sores are prevented because of this new treatment, too! Cold sore treatment can be billed to medical insurance in many cases and we can help you bill your insurance. Call Impressions Dentistry today if you are suffering from a cold sore and we will see you today!
  • Frenectomy – Frenum can be found in two main places in the mouth, under the tongue and under the center of the upper lip. The frenum is what attaches the muscles of the cheeks and lips to the mouth. Sometimes this can disturb the development of the mouth because it is attached too close to the tip of the tongue or too far down the gums between the front teeth. If this is a problem, a frenectomy may need to be done. With our new device at Impressions Dentistry we can perform a laser frenectomy with little or no discomfort.
  • Laser Gum Contouring – With our new device we can re-contour gum lines for functional and cosmetic reasons. There are times when overgrown gum tissue can cause food to be trapped under the gums which leads to irritation and inflammation. Decay can also be found below the gum line. With our laser, the gum tissue can be quickly, easily and painlessly removed. Because of the process of “photobiostimulation,” the healing process starts immediately so the healing period is minimal. Energy is needed for healing and light energy penetrates the tissue starting the healing process.
  • Laser Bacterial Reduction – This is a service we offer to patients during their routine care appointments. Our laser procedure decontaminates the mouth of bacteria that can enter the bloodstream. Studies have found that the bacteria in the mouth can affect the entire body. Laser bacterial reduction, or LBR, is used mostly to treat gingivitis which is a mild gum disease but leads to periodontitis. At Impressions Dentistry, we offer this procedure as a preventive step for your oral health and overall health of your entire body.
  • Laser Decay Removal – Along with the other new services offered with our laser device, we have a revolutionary way to find the smallest bit of decay in the teeth. This allows the decay to be treated before it becomes a serious problem. Sometimes cavities cannot be seen in x-rays or by even by a dentist but with the Diagnodent we can find those cavities early on. Being able to deal with them early reduces costly and invasive procedures later. This new service is used on our patients at no extra cost during their regular exams. At Impressions Dentistry, we are committed to providing the best and most advanced care available to our patients!