General Dentistry

Impressions Dentistry is your source in Olympia, WA for trusted general dentistry services. Here is what you can expect at your general dentistry visit.

Dental Exam

At your first visit, the staff at Impressions Dentistry will do a detailed dental exam. One of our dental hygienists or dentists at Impressions Dentistry will evaluate your general oral health by:

  • X-Ray evaluation – X-rays allow the dentist and you to see the condition of your mouth. Bone loss, tooth decay, tumors, and root position are all things the dentist will be looking for in the x-rays.
  • Gum disease evaluation – Your gums will be checked for any signs of periodontal disease by the dentist and dental hygienist.
  • Oral cancer screening – Your face, neck, lips, tongue, throat, tissue and gums will be checked for oral cancer.
  • Tooth decay examination – Using special instruments, the dentist will check for any signs of tooth decay.
  • Existing dental work examined – If you have any fillings, crowns or other dental treatments, they will also be checked during your visit to be sure they are in good condition.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Usually when you set an appointment for a dental exam you will also have a dental cleaning. Normally the dental hygienist will perform the cleaning. You can expect at your cleaning:

  • Removal of plaque – A sticky film can form on your teeth and this allows bacteria, food debris and saliva to build up. That sticky film is called plaque. Plaque can cause the gums to be inflamed and infected and can lead to periodontal disease.
  • Removal of calculus (tartar) – Plaque that is left on the teeth becomes hard and attaches to the teeth very firmly. This is called calculus and can only be removed with special dental tools.
  • Teeth polishing – Lastly the teeth will be polished. This will remove stains and plaque that were not already removed.