What is Bonding?

Bonding is a procedure that fills cavities, cracks and can cover up gaps. It can also restore stained or discolored teeth to their natural color.

How Does It Work?

A composite resin is placed on an adhesive gel that is then applied to the tooth that needs the restoration. Dr. Bath will sculpt and mold the resin so the tooth will have a natural and beautiful appearance. The resin is then dried and hardened with an ultraviolet light. Lastly the tooth is polished to a shine!

Dental technology has improved over the years and so has bonding technology. Bonding treatment usually last ten years or longer and is very affordable. It will leave you with a natural looking tooth instead of a metallic, silver filling.

Bonding Offers Advantages!

Bonding is superior to silver fillings because:

  • Bonding is stronger than silver fillings
  • Bonding is more aesthetically pleasing than silver fillings
  • Bonding is perfect for repairing old silver fillings
  • Bonding is a great way to replace silver fillings before they become a problem

Call Impressions Dentistry today if you have any questions about bonding and to set up a consultation. Dr. Bath and his staff would love to help you restore your natural, radiant smile!